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Ten steps for feline-like eyes

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Eyes are said to be soul's mirror, but nobody can deny that, using cosmetics, an angelic look may turn into a devilish one and vice versa. Your look should seduce, fascinate, excite. This is why one of the most reputed make-ups is what they call "feline-like eyes". Find out how to get this look in no more than 10 easy steps.

Step 1
"Refresh" your eyes using compresses of chamomile and corn flower tea and an ice cube, then help them clear using eye drops.

Step 2
Apply eye cream or gel on the entire eye area. Apply translucent powder generously, especially, underneath the eyes and don't worry. What's useless will be removed at the end of the operation using a make-up brush.

Step 3
Apply pearled eye-dust on the arch and a matte one on the eye-lid. To diminish their visibility, apply another thin layer of powder on both of them.

Step 4
Moist an eye-brush and dip it in black eye-dust. Using the eye-brush, mark the moving eye-lid minutely, following the line of the bone that separates the arch from the eye-lid. Apply the eye-dust on the entire eye-lid.

Step 5
Using an eye-liner, give your eyes more intensity, coloring your upper eye-lid in black. The same black eye-liner is used to outline the interior of the lower eye-lid.

Step 6
Using black liquid eye-liner, draw a precise outline of the upper and lower line of the eye-lashes. You can afford an ascendant direction of the outline, depending on how eccentric you want your make-up.

Step 7
Use mascara only for the upper eye-lashes. Mascara is to be applied in more than three thin layers. Don't charge them too much, tough! Use an eye-lash brush to take off the overcharge.

Step 8
Take off the extra-powder underneath your eyes using a make-up brush. If you, somehow, make a mistake, use a swab with eye-dust or foundation to cover it up again.

Step 9
Use translucent mascara or grey/brown eye-liner to adjust your eye-brows.

Step 10
Using a pearled white or beige eye-liner, outline the inner corner of the eye and the arch. This step is meant to give your look a plus of brightness.

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Reader Comments:

Reader comments on : 2(1 reader comment)

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Reviewer: Anonymous , 2007-01-31

Isn�t this make-up a little pass�? It sounds so 80�s. May be I didn�t get it right, but it would be corny to wear that at the beginning of the third millennium, guys!

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