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Customers reviews on Hylexin: 3 (51 customer reviews)

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Hylexin is rated 3 (out of 5) based on 51 reviews or ratings

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Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Zero Improvement

Reviewer: Anonymous, 55, 2011-04-06

I\\\'m taking it back to Costco for a refund. File under: too good to be true.

Hylexin review rating 2 out of 5 Bull

Reviewer: flavia, california, 33, 2010-11-29

Used 6 tubes in last 4 years , I stil have ugliest dark circles around my eyes. Keep using and hoping may be it is getting lighter, but stil need thick eye conceler every day to look okey. Thinking of plastic surgery.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 I love this product

Reviewer: Nan Knight, 46, 2010-11-15

I bought this week ago and my bags are gone. My skin under my eyes is tightening up and the dark circles seem to lighter. I also noticed that the wrinkle and creepiness is getting better.

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 Spa owner

Reviewer: Lisa, Connecticut, 2010-08-04

I work in the spa industry, and was lucky enough to get samples of this stuff. One of the girls said it worked really well for her - so I tried it. I hate the way my under-eyes look, but I did notice an improvement after a few days. I've read all the reviews, and just like any beauty product, some work, some don't, you just have to find the right one for your skin type. I'm considering trying some of the others mentioned in the reviews, but I have been happy with the improvements.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 **** This stuff was my MIRACLE!!!! ****

Reviewer: Rebecca, Detroit MIchigan, 2010-06-18

I have been using a tube of hylexin now religiously for over a month. The VERY FIRST night I woke up in the morning and found the dark circles were diminished a bit. And I had some horrific ones. Earlier this year I bought that lash growth stuff, LATISSE and sure had lovely lashes. But the side effect for me was a darkening of my skin under my eyes. I looked like a ZOMBIE!!! I have tried everything from creams, to even a visit to a dermatologist for restalyn injections! NOW I CAN HONESTLY has been my miracle! It has taken the horrid side effect of latisse and helped me look like a normal 37 year old again. Of course it does not work for everyone. But it really has for me. I don't even have to wear cover up or make up on a daily basis. THANK YOU Hylexin! I have purchased 2 more on ebay to stock pile them...I even started using it around the top part of my eye, and noticed a lightening there as well. Good luck to those who are trying it. I am fair skinned, with previously very dark bags, that looked like hallow or zombie they are MUCH lighter, and almost normal.... :)

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Waste of my money!

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2010-05-31

I've been using Hylexin for over 2 months now ... 2 times daily.. no difference at all..neither the dark circles nor the puffiness improved even abit! Its just like another eye cream to moisterize... Dun waste money ppl!

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Hylexin

Reviewer: angie, Arizona, 37, 2010-03-31

I have used Hylexin for over 2 years now, and I have seen the puffiness and dark circles lighten. I have olive complexion, and I use this product as recommended. I am not an employee of this company, nor do I have any ties. I agree w/ another poster...if this product doesn\'t work for you---please sell it to us, and we will scoop it up.

Hylexin review rating 2 out of 5 No difference

Reviewer: springtime, 2010-01-11

wish i had read the reviews before buying this stuff- it's a waste of money- used for 6 months and no difference- but maybe i have "the wrong kind of dark circles"!- And how convenient that you have to use for 2 weeks before results - exactly the time at which your chance for a refund runs out- ha ha not!

Hylexin review rating 3 out of 5 Requesting a picture of your eye before and after.

Reviewer: Ivy, Singapore, 21, 2009-11-25

Hi, there are about 50-50 of good and bad reviews. I would like to ask if any one can upload their before and after picture without photoshoping the pictures so make sure whether the product is really working or not. i think , usually you yourself cannot see any changes.. get someone to help you. I had asked for a sample on that, but t he skincare did not reply me. Disappointed..

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Crap

Reviewer: eamonn, ireland limerick, 36, 2009-10-23

using it four weeks bags under my eyes are worse

Hylexin review rating 3 out of 5 Cheaper

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2009-02-14

I tried a product from Walgreens-pro Lighten, comparable to Hylexin they claim. It burned a little at first, but the dark, puffy things under my eyes seem a bit lessened after one week of use. If the results are cumulative, I am willing to continue using this. not sure if I would pay for the real Hylexin though! The knock off was 26 dollars for a faily hefty ammount.

Hylexin review rating 2 out of 5 Save your cash

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2009-02-05

This stuff was worthless. I spent nearly $100 on it and it doesn\'t do anything. It did make my skin soft but so what? I can buy a $20 moisturizer and get that. I ended up buying Avon Anew eye gel and it worked better than this for alot less money.

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 I think it\'s working

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2009-02-05

I\'ve had serious dark circles around my eyes all my life. I had never tried anything to get rid of them before, but decided to give Hylexin a try. I\'ve been using it for about a month and a half and am just now beginning to see the dark circles fade. Anything that works on circles as dark as mine is a good product!

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 I buy it

Reviewer: varsha, Delhi, 28, 2009-02-03


Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 Have patience with it

Reviewer: gavin, england, 30, 2009-02-03

Dark circles are a serious problem, the tissue around the eyes is completely messed up. You can't expect to just dab some cream on and, bingo! They're gone. It takes months of constant use, and in my case, they improved. I feel like stockpilling this stuff, if it disappears, I'm screwed again.

Hylexin review rating 2 out of 5 Not worth the money

Reviewer: Steph, Minnesota, 37, 2009-02-03

I've been using hylexin for about 2 months now and have seen no improvement in my undereye circles. This product is definitely not worth the money.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 It is amazing!!!!

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2008-08-28

I have always had serious dark circles and I finnaly came across this product! its a miracle worker!!1 I couldnt believe my eyes. Seriously I have only been using this for the past 2 weeks and my undereyes looks soooooooo much better. i bought it for 35 dolars on ebay!! and it was totally worth it. I dont mind paying 95 for my next purchase because it really works!!! I dont work for the company!! when i read the reviews before buying this product I felt the same way because the reviews were in the both end extreme.. very happy and very dissapointed!! i think this product dont work on african americans... but for pale skin it deffinetly works!! it worked for meeeeeeeeeee and I am sooooooooooo happy.. recommend it highly

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Notorious voss ripoff

Reviewer: jyoung, San diego, 53, 2008-08-28

does not work, a complete rip.If you HAVE to buy it, buy from Nordstrom where they will give u a refund when u find it doesnt work. Voss loves to rip older women off, thats how they make their living, worthless scum that they are...they know their products are worthless and they plant fake good reviews to try to make people buy it....but notice all the BAD reviews so you know they are fakin it!

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 It worked for me...

Reviewer: Anonymous, Pennsylvania, 42, 2008-06-06

I had bad circles and puffiness as well as a broken blood vessel below one eye. Within 3 days the blood vessel was not noticeable at all and the circles were lighter, puffiness was reduced by half. Not completely gone after 2 weeks but I'm happy with the product. I'm 42 years old on cancer drugs. If you know anything about what these drugs will do to you, then you understand what the product was up against.

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 Good

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2008-03-23

I Used this for about 4 days now. I got in the mail last week. It has drastically reduced my dark circles. I had had serious ones.. I would use Loreal concelaer for years , but today I went out without putting it on. Try it. You can buy it on ebay for cheap.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Hylexin sucks!!!

Reviewer: valeska, canada, 22, 2008-02-19

being using this expensive product for more than 3 weeks havent seen no results, dark circles still look the same as when i first bought the product. well i can tell this company this will be the last time im buying their expensive product. if i would have known it wouldnt have done a thing, i would have kept with lancome, for puffiness and dark circles doesnt do a thing either but at least its half the price of hylexin!!!!

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 SELL it to us!!

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2008-02-19

then why dont you guys just sell it to us for a cheaper price if it really doesnt work!!

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 Satisfied

Reviewer: Ginelle, Trinidad WI, 29, 2008-02-12

I decided to try Hylexin after reading the magazine ads and it sounded like a different kind of eye product, and specific to my needs. In the past, other eye products just moisturized the area, but this one sounded like the first one area to actually TREAT the problem.All the women in my family are cursed with dark circles, even if we have great skin otherwise!! I must say that I have noticed a difference over the past 6 weeks of using the product. Not as dramatic as advertised, but I DO see a difference! A bit pricey, but worth the experiement.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Works For Me

Reviewer: Anonymous, 55, 2008-01-29

I've been using Hylexin for TWO DAYS and already all the puffiness in my eyes is GONE!!!! I feel like I have my recognizable eyes back. The darkness under my eyes is somewhat diminished and I look forward to seeing what happens in a couple of weeks. Hey, NOTHING works for EVERYONE. This one works for me and I'm thrilled!

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Don't waste your money

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2007-06-02

I feel ripped off. I used it for seven weeks and didn't notice any difference whatsoever.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 I'm didn't work!

Reviewer: does it matter, Houston, 55, 2007-05-29

Another price for vanity. After over a month and never skipping the recommended regimen there is not a trace of difference. The good news is I think I have come up with a way to become a mega millionaire....I will take some every day facial cream...add powdered sugar to give some variance...use the chemical names for "powdered sugar and cold cream" and market it in a unique presentation! Gotta love America and Capitolism...turly a land of "opportunists"...oh...maybe I meant to say "opportunity"? I am wondering if the 5 star reviews are not coming from the company producing Hylexin itself.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Great

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2007-05-12

At FIRST, you might see nothing, keep using it. THEN the circles might look darker but the puffiness will disappear. Keep using it. THEN both puffiness and dark circles disappear. If you doubt that, quit using it for about a week and you will see, oh yes, it WAS working. Re-start using it and it works again without taking the 6 weeks of your skin getting used to it. I will never be without it again!

Hylexin review rating 3 out of 5 So far so good

Reviewer: john denero, 2007-04-27

I have been using it for one week. The puffiness under my right eye appears to be disappearing. The dark circles seem lighter. Time will tell, but, so far so good.

Hylexin review rating 3 out of 5 Mine look worse then b4!

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2007-04-18

I've had dark circles all of my life too. I tried this & to me, my dark circles look worse! I have tried another cream, which is A LOT cheaper.. its from Avon, & i used it a couple times everyday for a couple weeks and noticed a HUGE difference. Try that one out, its a lot less expensive & if it doesnt work out for you its only 15 bucks instead of the $95!

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Did not see a difference at all

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2007-04-04

I have been using this product for almost two months and nothing has happened. This product generates a lot of hype but little results.

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 It works for me

Reviewer: Agnes, Hong Kong, 42, 2007-03-18

I am quite happy with the product, and have bought the second tube already. I guess it is becaue I have had these inborn black cirlces since I was a child, and have tried many claimed to be effective expensive brands but with absolutely no results. With Hylexin, the result is instant and encouraging, but definitely, not as dramatic as some might have expected. But be practical, this is cosmetics, not surgery. Afterall, the dark circles are abnormally serious and have been there for ages. I'm already content with the visible improvements.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Rubbish

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2007-02-25

my dark circles are just as bad and the puffiness is worse

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Major Disappointment

Reviewer: Anonymous, Canada, 29, 2007-01-30

I am both cursed and blessed with the genetic paradox of smooth, healthy skin that is puncuated with dark circles around my eyes. I used this product as recommended and achieved zero results. I would recommend spending your money on a really good concealer instead of this hyped up product. I'm sure the bulk of the high price for this stuff has most of their advertising and marketing budget baked into it.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Suckerd again

Reviewer: Jean-mari, 43, 2007-01-30

I have had severe dark circles most of my life. Had high hope in this product, Hylexin, that claims to work. Absolutely no results! Called them twice with different responses to my questions....I was told to use it longer than 6 wks. and use more of the product when applying it. HA there went my money back garuntee. Was also told to buy their other cream to help speed up the process. Now why wasn't I told of that other product in the begining!!! Don't waste your money.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Should Have Bought the Heels!

Reviewer: Rachel, Kentucky, 36, 2007-01-26

How crappy that a company would take advantage of our self-conscious vanity. I have had SERIOUS dark circles all my life. Marketing this cosmetic product as a new scientific wonder took me in big time. I normally never fall for this stuff, but dealing with questions such as "Did you not sleep last night?" and "Are you sick?" for 30 years sincerely shoots you down. So...they got me. I paid the money and excitedly began the routine, eagerly waiting for these 'fantastic! amazing! incredible! results. The only difference I see after 3 months of diligent use is that I passed up an opportunity to buy a gorgeous pair of beige pointy-toed high heels with an extremely flattering ankle strap that I could have worn to drink AND to church! And the cutest wide brown leather headband I've ever seen. Not to mention a pair of earrings. I gave them all up to spend my misc. earnings on this miracle dark circle remover. Now I realize the shoes, the headband, or even the earrings would have done as much good in making my dark circles less noticeable as this ridiculous product. Don't waste your money. If it actually has performed for some people and those reviews aren't fake, then they need to be more specific as to who the product will truly help! Now those heels are gone!!!

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Wasn't for me

Reviewer: H.J., 19, 2006-12-17

i have really bad dark cirlces not from age or from being tired i have just always had them, and they are very noticable...i've been using hylexin for weeks and the box says that you will notice a dramatic change within a couple days, but i have to say that i haven't noticed any change at all. inside the box it says that everyone is different and more severe dark circles take longer and that it was only effective in 72% of women, so don't be disappointed if your in that 28% of us that it does nothing for, because nothing has improved for me

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Hylexin - an absolute rip off

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2006-11-28

I tried this product for five weeks in the prescribed manner and was so disappointed. It did NOTHING for my dark circles. Hylexin is an absolute rip off and a scam. Dont waste your money on this sub standard farce of a product.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Good for my mom

Reviewer: Anghel, 2006-11-11

I've seen the other posts here, but I trully have to say in my mom's case (she is 69 y. old) hylexin made wonders. I think most people dissapointed are comming and posting here, but probably happy people doesn't bother to do so. I was just looking to find a cheaper source for hylexin, since, even if works, I found $100 a little too much

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 Does not work

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2006-11-10

I used hylexin for one month, and if anything, I feel that the circles under my eyes are more prominent. I work in the medical field and have talked to several dermatologists and plastic surgeons. They have all stated that besides concealer, there really isn't a good cure for dark circles. None of them have had any positive feed back from their patients about hylexin. Save your money.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 No prgress

Reviewer: David, 45, 2006-10-31

I've been using this product for a month now and see no progress at all, big waste of money. They have a good add campaign but nothing else. It does absolutely nothing.

Hylexin review rating 2 out of 5 Disappointed

Reviewer: Elizabeth Govan, Milwaukee, Wi. 53218, 60, 2006-10-23

I have used it for 4 weeks, no improvement notice yet. I still have dark circles and puffiness.

Hylexin review rating 2 out of 5 Disappointed

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2006-10-14

Really thought I had found the answer to my problems but unfortunately after using for 3 weeks can see absolutely NO difference at all ... if this changes will come back to rectify

Hylexin review rating 3 out of 5 Not sure

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2006-10-10

It has'nt made a dramatic improvement for me yet,it seems to plump up my eye area therefore making it look slightly irratated and more redish then blue,but since I bought the whole tube I am hopeful that my circles will diminish.I am on my 3rd week of using it.

Hylexin review rating 1 out of 5 This is a joke

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2006-09-14

i've used hylexin for months with absolutely NO results! it makes me wonder if all the positive testimonials on this site where made by employees of the company. people, save your money...hylexin does NOT work. IT'S A SCAM!

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Great, But Expensive

Reviewer: Sonya, 2006-07-19

Well, it is the best thing for dark circle removal so far, but how many of us can really afford this. And not just once, but regularly! Anyway, I must admit it worked wonders from the very first day. I just donít want to see myself saving money just to buy it again when itís done. But if thatís what it takes to look youngerÖ..

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Effective without surgery

Reviewer: Dyona, 2006-07-19

I was anxious to find something that would make my dark circles fade away without surgery. I was as frightened of the needle as I was tired of covering them with tons of foundation and corrector sticks. But when I really decided to try Hylexin was when I read it was a natural product. I hate the thought that I could harm my skin even more by using all kind of chemicals on it.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Nice to known

Reviewer: IQ, 2006-07-19

I started using it last night and I woke up this morning noticing that my dark circles disappeared and my skin feels softer. Amazingly,it seems this cream works! Nice to known...

Hylexin review rating 4 out of 5 Very efficient but expensive

Reviewer: Anonymous, 2006-07-19

Puffiness has disappeared and eyes look brighter. Just love the ways it smoothers & tightens the delicate skin under my eyes. Anyway, the price ($100) is not for me, so I'll rate it with 4.

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Hylexin for daysleepers

Reviewer: Amelia, 2006-05-08

For 5 years I worked as a waitress in a bar only night shifts. We all know that when you loose nights you loose also the youth of your skin. I used all kinds of products and treatments that could improve the skin around my yeas. Now I've tried Hylexin and actually I see improvement on dark circles. I hope that using it for long-run the effect not to fade :)

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Following my sister advice

Reviewer: Mary, Lucarno, Swiss, 52, 2006-02-19

I used HYLEXIN on my sister advice and I'm very pleased of the results. ANd I alsom think that this product it really worth his price (since when price is a stop? talking about beauty)

Hylexin review rating 5 out of 5 Dark circles and I'm happy

Reviewer: Irma, 37, 2005-12-10

Hello girls, it seems that finally I found something for my dark circles and I'm happy to share it with you. I used Hylexin for 2 weeks and It seems that for me it really works. I'm very pleased with Hylexin and I sincerely reccommended to you.

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