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MAC makeup artist: The Sculpted Eye with Bianca

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Step 1/11
Apply primer in a medium shade over eyelids and brow bone to clarify skin texture and tone with soft, fluffy brush.

  • Prep+Prime Eye
  • 252 Large Shader Brush
MAC Large Shader Brush

Step 2/11
Begin by blending a mid-toned matte taupe/sepia eye shadow through the crease of the eye. Starting on the outer corner of the eyes and on the lower lash line, build the eye shadow gradually, defining the contour of the eyes with a light touch. This will enhance the natural shape of the eye with a subtle effect.

  • Eye Shadow � Texture
  • 217 Blending Brush
MAC Eye Shadow � Texture

Step 3/11
Next, begin highlighting eyelids with a brighter tone of eye shadow. This could be opalescent or matte in texture. Use a brush that has a smaller, dense head. This will provide the necessary control when working with textures that shimmer especially.

  • MAC Eye Shadow � All That GlittersMAC Eye Shadow � All That Glitters
  • 272 Small Angled Shader
MAC Eye Shadow

Step 4/11
Apply the highlighting eye shadow with a stronger intensity on the inner corner of eyelids, this will open up eyes without having to use much product.

  • MAC Eye Shadow � All That GlittersMAC Eye Shadow � All That Glitters
  • 272 Small Angled Shader
MAC Angled Shader

Step 5/11
Highlights may be add under brows, but should be kept matte, with little shine for the most natural appearance.

  • Prep+Prime Eye
  • 239 Eye Shading Brush
MAC Eye Shading Brush

Step 6/11
Curl lashes to open up the eyes.

  • Lash Curler

Step 7/11
Apply one or two coats of mascara. The sculpted eye is beautiful in it�s simplicity, but paying close attention to details�such as lashes and brows, is imperative for a finished, polished effect.

  • MAC Plush Lash Mascara � PlushblackMAC Plush Lash Mascara � Plushblack
MAC Plush Lash Mascara

Step 8/11
Open up eyes further and make the eyes look more rounded by highlighting the lower lash line with a liner pencil.

  • MAC Eye Kohl � PowersurgeMAC Eye Kohl � Powersurge
MAC Eye Kohl

Step 9/11
Groom brows with a brow pencil to fill in gaps.

  • MAC Eye Brows � LingeringMAC Eye Brows � Lingering
MAC Eye Brows

Step 10/11
Applybrow gel to keep brow hairs in place and to create a polished look.

  • MAC Brow Set � ClearMAC Brow Set � Clear
MAC Brow Set

Step 9/11
Warm up the crease to add intensity by using a warmer eye shadow.

  • MAC Eye Shadow � EmbarkMAC Eye Shadow � Embark
  • 224 Tapered Blending Brush
MAC Eye Shadow

Credits: MAC Cosmetics
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